Regulation Crowdfunding allows eligible companies to raise up to $5M. Great for consumer facing businesses looking to scale.

REG D 506(c)

REG D 506(c) allows companies to raise an UNLIMITED amount using general solicitation ‘. Ideal for established companies of all kinds. 


REG A+ allows companies to raise up to $75M from accredited and non-accredited investors. Suits revenue generating, B2C companies.

About us

We know what it takes to get you fully funded.

With combined experience of over 20 years within the industry, our team is highly skilled at marketing your crowdfunding offer. Our 300,000+ strong marketing machine stands at attention and at the ready!

A few things we’re great at…

Utilizing the very latest in marketing technology, we’ll build your marketing stack with exceptional performance in mind.

Email Marketing

We’re great at Email with 100%+ better Open rates and 1,000% better Click-Through Rates (CTR’s).

INvestor Funnels

We’re great at designing custom Investor Sales Funnels that perform better than any other you’ve ever seen. 

Interactive Video

We’re great at increasing your video engagement by 300% and Click-Through-Rates 1,400% higher!

Chatbot Marketing

We’re great at developing conversational Chatbots with read (Open) rates of over 80% and Click-Through-Rates (CTR’s) in excess of 60%.

The secrets to our success…

We effectively architect and execute strategic crowdfunding marketing campaigns that reach investors, build brand equity and drive growth.

Highly Experienced

Since 2012, we’ve assisted over 1,000 crowdfunders with consulting and campaign marketing  services.

Investors Love us

We’re champions of success and know what it takes to create irresistible campaigns that investors love.

We’re email Experts

We achieve average open rates of 46.8% and Click-Through-Rates (CTR’s) of 22.5% with our email campaigns (2021).

We’re innovators

We’re at the forefront in using the very latest in marketing technology, techniques and methods which perform.

Our Portfolio

We’ve helped people like you raise millions of dollars in funding through crowdfunding.

Smart Crowdfunding
Smart Crowdfunding
Smart Crowdfunding
Smart Crowdfunding
Smart Crowdfunding
Smart Crowdfunding
Smart Crowdfunding
Smart Crowdfunding
Smart Crowdfunding

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

“At BionicGym we ran a highly successful crowdfunding campaign. Shane kindly consulted to our campaign. He gave sage advice and shared a wealth of knowledge”

Dr Louis Crowe


“Shane is an experienced and savvy marketing professional. I recommend Shane for any digital marketing project, especially an equity crowdfunding campaign.”

Irwin Stein
Irwin Stein Esq.

XXII Century Consulting

“Shane is so proactive and gives incredible advice to get your campaign going to new heights”

Chris Houle


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Companies we work with today…

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