We know what it takes to get your campaign fully funded..

With a top-notch team, and years of real, hands-on experience, we offer services that are focused on making your campaign stand out, so it gets noticed.

All of our services are geared toward achieving one goal: Getting Real and Proven RESULTS!

We help you every step of the way, from the crucial prelaunch through the chaotic live campaign period.

We have campaign managers and crowdfunding consultants that employ the latest digital marketing technology and innovations to give YOU the advantage you need to succeed in today’s world.

We offer a wide range of crowdfunding services ranging from our Equity Booster plans that are tailor made to fit any budget, to our full-service consulting plans.

We even offer À la carte services as well so you can custom build your own plan.

Press Promotion

We promote your Crowdfunding campaign to known members of the press and to journalists that are keen to hear your type of story. If they decide write about your campaign, they can send hundreds of potential investors to your campaign within a very short time period.

Multi Media Press Release

Multi-media press releases feature images and video from your Crowdfunding project. This is a great way to create brand awareness for your project.

Campaign Page Design

If you need help with all of the small details on your campaign page, our design team can help! We know what works, and what doesn’t when it comes to a crowdfunding campaign. Our professional campaign design services are focused on getting your campaign optimized for conversions.

Email List Development

The competition in today’s crowdfunding marketplace is stiff. You will need to get a lot of eyes to your campaign page if you want a chance at success. If you are worried your email database is not what it needs to be, reach out to us for help. All our lists are fully project targeted for maximum effect and conversion.

Social Media

Understanding Social Media is one of the most important aspects of formulating a solid marketing plan for your campaign. We will use our social media expertise to get the word out there to the masses.

Social Media Development

Social Media plays an integral role in your campaign success and marketing. Most campaigners are so busy creating their product, or working out all the details, that they do not have time to create a social media page or build a following. We can take that time-consuming task off your plate.

Social Media Campaign

We will share your Crowdfunding project with all of our social media fans and followers. We can quickly spread the word about your Crowdfunding project and bring potential backers to your campaign page within the very first day. We have over 20,000 real followers who just love promoting crowdfunding projects!

Specialist Consulting and Marketing Services

Thinking of starting a crowdfunding campaign and need to create the pre-launch hype? Need professional help and expertise for the duration of your prelaunch and campaign execution?

We offer professional Crowdfunding Services which include:

·       The appointment of a Social Media Specialist who handles your entire social media campaign plan

·        A dedicated Campaign Manager for the duration of your campaign

·        Consulting services from our renowned Crowdfunding consultant and CEO, Shane Liddell

·        Professional campaign page design services which help to get your campaign optimized for conversions

·        A highly effective marketing stack build

·        Top level strategic guidance throughout your campaign development and execution.

Our Full Campaign Management Services  include; campaign strategy, branding, video production, graphic design, web development, social media development and engagement, public relations and campaign digital marketing. (P.O.A)

Our crowdfunding process is time-tested and scalable which allows us to achieve your goals. We don’t accept every client that approaches us. If your firm aligns, we are ready to engage, offering a high probability of success.

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