Smart crowdfunding reviews show that raising funding through Crowdfunding is not an easy venture. Many people launch a campaign because they see it as a simple way to raise funding, only to become overwhelmed by the amount of time and effort that is actually involved. Crowdfunding becomes a full-time job if you want to be successful, and campaign owners who are new to crowdfunding are often unprepared for what needs to be done when they have a live campaign. This causes them to become disheartened by the lack of crowd engagement, which prompts them to seek out marketing help.

As anyone who has ever run a crowdfunding campaign knows, there are many agencies out there that promise campaigners everything they want to hear, making it difficult to make the right decision. The team at Smart Crowdfunding knows how difficult running a campaign can be because nearly everyone on staff has run their own campaign at one time. This experience is shown in the interactions with their clients, which is why they receive such glowing reviews from customers.

Our Clients Speak

One of Smart Crowdfunding’s former client’s had tried most of the other services out there. Muammer Derebasi from the Coolest Clock campaign states, “We’ve tried almost all the services around and considered whoever or whichever company reached us in our three campaigns. Only 1 succeeded with over than 1390% and that one was the one which we worked with Smart Crowdfunding.” He then goes on to say, “Not only their CEO is the expert and always interested in making you more successful but also the whole team are very kind and helpful people. Real people to help you, really, in all.” This is a thought that is echoed several times in their reviews.

Michael Medvid, who raised over a $1.5 million dollars with his campaign states, “A special thank you to Shane from Smart Crowdfunding, he is a marketing and crowdfunding guru.” With another review giving high praise as well, “I have to say the assistance given by Smart Crowdfunding has made all the difference in how we have approached the funding of the campaign… having a great product does not guarantee you will get funded. Having support and assistance from Smart Crowdfunding gives your campaign the edge that other campaigns lack.”

The team at Smart Crowdfunding take their job very seriously, and are extremely focused on customer service. Team member Michelle states, “We can never guarantee success for any campaign, but we do guarantee that we will do everything in our power to get the client where they need to be. We are always available to assist the client, and answer questions. If something isn’t working, we change course. By the end of the process, they will have learned a lot.”

While clients have high praise for the customer service provided by the staff at Smart Crowdfunding, most of the reviews highlight the company’s head consultant and CEO Shane Liddell’s knowledge and expertise in the crowdfunding world. That is no surprise since crowdfunding is a real driving passion for Liddell. He emerged onto the crowdfunding scene when it was still a relatively new world for everybody, and has vast experience at all levels. He states, “as we progress from a cottage type industry through to maturity, the crowdfunding industry, and in particular the alternate finance industry (Fintech) are set to gain huge traction over the coming years. The crowdfunding landscape is changing and change is good!”

Liddell has put together an all-star team of dedicated professionals who see a client’s success as their own. They never give up, and only celebrate when the client succeeds. All of the testimonials and reviews on their site are 100% legitimate, which is why they always include links and contact info so the potential new client can contact the campaign owners themselves. The team is expanding, with 4 additional hires planned during the next 12 months.



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