How To Raise Funding for Your Upcoming ICO

The ICO Funding Path

Many startups are bootstrapped with little money to even pay for basic support services, let alone the huge costs involved in preparing for an ICO. However, there are ways to raise funding for each phase of your ICO preparation, leading up to a full blown ICO. There are no hard and fast rules here, as the amounts you need during each phase will vary from project to project and is determined by the total amount of funding you plan to raise.

Although simplified, follow these gudielines:  

Phase 1: Early Contributors Round -  This would be to friends, family and possibly some angel investors. This round of funding can involve discounting your tokens by up to 80%. Funding from this round is used to prepare for your ICO pre-sale.

Phase 2: ICO Pre-Sale -  Now that you have raised some cash, you can bring people onboard to help you with the preparation of your pre-sale. This involves the development of all marketing assets and the creation of your smart contract. Expanding your core team and adding advisers at this stage would be ideal too. Don't forget legal reviews and the drafting of disclosures, which can be very, very costly and is dependent upon your token structure.

Phase 3 Main ICO Sale - By this stage you should have raised sufficient capital to make a real impression from a marketing perspective. Marketing is King! Do not forget this. We have spoken with many who have completed ICO's and raised substantial money ($10M -$50M). They all have a common regret along the lines of "I wish we'd taken more time to prepare. Instead of 2 months, we should have taken 6 months or longer preparing our Marketing efforts. Had we done so, we would have raised three times as much money.".

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Shane Liddell is the CEO of Smart Crowdfunding and is Co-Founder of the Cryptoconomy Summit. He has delivered successful campaigns for entrepreneurs, startups, corporations and filmmakers and has assisted over 500 crowdfunders with campaign development, consulting, marketing and promotion services, some of whom have raised millions of dollars in the process.

Disclaimer: These are my personal opinions and for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal or tax advice and should not be used to make business or legal decisions.